Compressor Rebuilds

Compressors are your system’s heart.

Here in the HVAC/R industry, compressors are the vital pump that squeezes refrigerant into the high-pressure, condensing side of the cycle.

Why do some call them the heart of the system? They circulate your system’s fluid—and compressor failures compromise entire systems.

Above all, periodic overhauls help keep your system running smoothly.

Why bother with a compressor rebuild?

Compressor rebuilds can help you save money, prolong equipment lifespan, and ensure peak performance.

Financial savings.
For starters, compressor rebuilds can help minimize downtime. The idea’s to catch potential problems before a catastrophic failure. Plus, overhauls usually cost far less than outright replacement.

Longer equipment lifespan.

They prolong lifespan for the compressor itself—and for related equipment. For instance, consider mechanical failures as a domino effect when you ignore a vital system component.

Promote peak performance.
Keeping this vital component running smoothly helps your equipment perform at its best. Your refrigeration system can only perform as well as its parts.


Compressor rebuilds you can rely on.

Our compressor rebuilds can be either standard, or customized to your design parameters and needs.

This critical maintenance goes beyond most base-level maintenance programs, which generally don’t address mechanical components. Our procedures involve more in-depth analysis, and then applying that analysis when we overhaul the equipment.


Why are Gateway’s compressor rebuilds more reliable?

1. We analyze and inspect all aspects of the compressor thoroughly. For example, we: 

  • Conduct field diagnostics,
  • Analyze oil condition, bearing clearance, and vibration,
  • Inspect valves, plates, sensors, transmitters, coils, regulating slides, and discharge and suction ports,
  • Repair or replace bearing elements, slide valve components, O-rings, gaskets, seals, bolts, and filter cartridges.


2. We have the large-scale, clean workshops needed for overhauling any compressor.

  • Think of it as having a clean operating room!
  • Plus, not all shops have overhead crane hoists like ours, allowing them to overhaul even above-average sized industrial compressors.


3. We overhaul compressors to last.

Refrigeration experts since 1968, the Gateway team has the expertise and experience to back up our claims.  We work hard to build and maintain solid customer relationships, because we feel that’s the next 50+ years looks like to us. That’s why we make it our mission to get your facility running again as soon as possible, do the job right the first time, and overhaul your compressor to last.


When it comes to your compressor, that means we:

  • Attend to manufacturer’s specifications and design parameters,
  • Use only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts,
  • Ensure reliability by pressure testing all compressors before returning to the field, and
  • Fully commission the unit after completing the overhaul.

Sectors and industries served

We overhaul compressors for:

*Pssst: Don’t see your facility type here? Note that Gateway also serves clients in many other sectors. Get in touch today to learn about our expertise in yours.

Compressor Rebuild FAQs

It usually ranges between 6000 – 100,000 hours. If we’re talking 24/7 operations, that can be anywhere from 6 months to over 10 years.

Variables include type of compressor, manufacturer specifications, and operating conditions (among others).

For example, screw compressors can often go longer between overhauls than reciprocating compressors.

It depends on compressor type, manufacturer specifications, and operating conditions.

To get the full picture, we:

  • Conduct field diagnostics,
  • Analyze oil condition, bearing clearance and vibration, and
  • Inspect valves, plates, sensors, transmitters, coils, regulating slides, and discharge and suction ports.

Together, these show what condition your compressor’s in, and which components need extra attention. That’s how we know which components to either repair or replace, such as: bearing elements, slide valve components, O-rings, gaskets, seals, bolts, and filter cartridges.

*Note: On opening the unit, we may find it’s more cost-effective for you to replace your unit rather than overhauling it. In those rare cases, before sinking more costs into the failing unit, we’d contact you so you can make an informed decision before proceeding.

We work hard to minimize downtime, by keeping the turnaround time as tight as possible.

Overhauling your compressor usually takes anywhere from one day, up to two weeks.

Timing depends on supply chain, sourcing replacement parts, seasonal demand, and whether we’ll be servicing your equipment in the field or in our shop.

It also depends on whether we’ve arranged the compressor rebuild with you in advance. Ideally, by pre-scheduling this as routine maintenance, we can source the parts to reduce delays—before taking your system offline.

It depends on the type of compressor.

For example, many reciprocating compressors can be done in the field. Screw compressors typically need a shop similar to operating rooms or clean rooms.

If you do have an in-house clean shop that meets our quality control standards, then we can likely overhaul your screw compressor in the field.

If you don’t have an in-house clean shop and we can’t do the work onsite, that’s when we discuss shipping feasibility to bring the compressor to our nearest shop. Note we have service shops throughout Western Canada, so this is easier than it sounds!

Steps for Gateway’s ship-to-shop compressor rebuilds:

1. Remove & Ship: Our team removes the compressor from its base and ships it.

2. Rebuild: We overhaul the compressor as quickly and as close to quoted price as possible. We test thoroughly before returning the unit.

3. Return & Install: We install and commission your rebuilt compressor to ensure peak performance within your system.

In other words, do you have the scale, capacity, and equipment to overhaul my compressor in your shop? 

Most likely, yes!

Because we have the shop capacity for it, we’re also able to take on even the largest industrial compressors—other companies even send customers our way when it’s a job bigger than their shop handles.

Our team:

  • Overhauls any refrigeration-grade compressor, regardless of size and complexity
  • Services reciprocating, rotary, scroll, and screw compressors (including natural gas screw compressors)
  • Services all major commercial and industrial refrigeration brands, including:
    • Bitzer, Carrier, Danfoss, Frick, Howden, Mycom, Sullair, Tecumseh, Trane, Vilter, York—and more!
  • Has the expertise and proper procedures for rebuilds you can count on
  • Operates clean facilities for overhauling compressors, complete with overhead crane hoists

Not sure if we can do yours? Contact us today to discuss whether it’s feasible to overhaul your compressor and discuss your options!

We overhaul any refrigeration-grade compressor, regardless of size and complexity.

That said, please note Gateway DOES NOT overhaul:

  • centrifugal compressors, air compressors, hydraulic compressors, or reciprocating gas compressors (but we CAN do screw gas compressors)

Not sure if we can overhaul your compressor? Get in touch!

Our commitment to safety

We value our employees, contractors, and customers’ safety above all else. Our commitment to safety is one of our core values and we have the certification and training to back that up.

At Gateway, we strive as hard to maintain your facility as we would our very own.


Here’s what you can expect from our team. At Gateway, we:

  • Continuously audit and improve our safety program
  • Are vendor-trained for specialized equipment
  • Ensure all team members pass full security background checks
  • Are COR (Certificate of Recognition) certified throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan

Need startup or shutdown support?

Here at Gateway, we provide our customers with seamless startups and shutdowns.

We always strive for safety, reliability, and minimal downtime because we understand how improperly managed shutdowns and startups can impact businesses.

That’s exactly why we pressure test all compressors before returning them to the field. We also generate a commissioning report when we restart the compressor, analyzing operating conditions, how the compressor is running, and assess against manufacturer specifications.

Following your rebuilt compressor startup, we arrange a maintenance schedule that works best for your specific needs. This ensures your equipment runs smoothly through all production quarters.

It’s already built, so how do I maintain it?

Downtime isn’t an option for successful, efficient businesses. You’ve invested in your equipment, so our preventative maintenance programs aim to help your equipment exceed its projected lifespan. Our team of licensed HVAC/R technicians service, repair, and maintain all makes and models—regardless of who installed it. When you work with us, you can also track work orders, on demand.

Our commercial and industrial refrigeration technicians help ensure your equipment remains at peak performance. We’ve got you covered.


What if something goes wrong?

Emergencies happen. That’s why we have 24/7/365 on-call support. We know an emergency means you need us there now, not the next day. We respond quickly—and our processes will ensure you receive the continuity, rapid diagnostics, and resolution you need.

Call 1.800.414.4929 for emergency service.