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Reliable & Efficient HVAC/R Solutions for Grocery Stores

We deliver reliable, transparent, and cost-effective HVAC/R solutions so you can improve your customer and employee experiences, uphold food safety, and safeguard your bottom line.

Gateway’s been serving grocery stores across western Canada since 1968. Our teams of certified technicians, engineers, project managers, and estimators work with you to understand your needs.

If you’re in the grocery store and supermarket industry, having robust and reliable HVAC and refrigeration (HVAC/R) systems is a requirement.

We work with grocery stores’ specialized HVAC systems to provide adequate cooling and ventilation to various areas of the store, including the product floor, food preparation, backroom, and storage areas. With Gateway, you’ll get a system designed and maintained to continuously provide accurate and consistent temperature and humidity levels.

Refrigeration systems are also crucial. They are responsible for keeping perishable goods—meat, dairy, and produce—fresh and safe for your customers. That’s why refrigeration systems must operate efficiently and reliably to eliminate food waste, reduce energy costs, and minimize interruptions.

Good grocery refrigeration affects more than food

Every moment of downtime impacts your business. Our team of certified technicians help you build, replace, and maintain your refrigeration systems so you can focus on business.

  • Preserve inventory
  • Reduce lost profits
  • Meeting food safety legislation
  • Build and maintain customer loyalty

Cooling Systems That Exceed The Standard

We incorporate high quality systems that are industry-compliant, consume less power, and fit your budget.

Whether you’re renovating, expanding, requiring new equipment, or needing maintenance, Gateway partners with you to create a cost-effective design and maintenance schedule for your grocery store and supermarkets.



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What if something goes wrong?

When emergencies strike, our 24/7/365 on-call support is here for you. Rely on our fast and dependable emergency technicians for quick effective solutions.

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