Reliable Mechanical Systems to Public Institutions

These systems are crucial for establishments such as post-secondary institutions, hospitals, schools, libraries, and government buildings to function properly so you can serve the public and provide essential services within the community.

A blood bank requires robust refrigeration around the clock, a hospital operating room must have proper air pressure, and valuable data centers need specific temperatures to prevent system and equipment failures. In short, HVAC/R systems in any public institution are hypercritical and cannot fail.

That’s why you can rely on Gateway Mechanical. Our approachable leading experts provide transparent long-term HVAC and refrigeration solutions, tailor-designed maintenance programs, and reliable, energy-efficient, industry-compliant systems that perform better, longer, and save you money.

And that means you can focus on what you do best—providing essential public services to your community in safe, secure, and comfortable environments.

We focus on HVAC/R so you can focus on the public

Available across western Canada, our team of local certified expert field technicians, professional engineers, project managers, and contractors collaborate directly with you at every step to ensure your HVAC and refrigeration systems are always operating at their best.

  • Design, build, and service HVAC and refrigeration systems, heating and cooling ductwork
  • Facilitate replacements, retrofits, and expansions within your budget
  • Worry-free maintenance programs
  • Trustworthy diagnostic assessments
  • Energy-efficient and above industry standard compliant
  • Fast reliable 24-7 emergency services field technicians in your area

From secured government buildings and hospitals, to research centres, schools, colleges and universities, our team of experts are equipped to keep your institution’s HVAC/R fully functioning.