Personalized Industrial

Industrial Refrigeration Demands Scale.

At Gateway, we specialize in large process and cooling solutions.

Think of it this way: the average half-inch pipe isn’t going to cut it, when industrial piping is 40 times that size.

We’re also talking about 60-500 tons of refrigeration—that’s up to 500 times the cooling capacity of a typical commercial walk-in cooler.


Industrial Refrigeration Demands Safety.

Once facilities scale up refrigerant volume, this increases risks. Safety is always our first priority in any setting—particularly our industrial refrigeration applications demanding extra vigilance. Gateway’s emphasis on safety helps reduce the overall risk of exposure.

We value our customers’ and employees’ safety above all else. Our commitment to safety is one of our core values and we have the certification and training to back that up.

At Gateway, we also strive as hard to maintain your facility as we would our very own.


Here’s what you can expect from our team. At Gateway, we:

  • Continuously audit and improve our safety program
  • Are vendor-trained for specialized equipment
  • Ensure all team members pass full security background checks
  • Are COR (Certificate of Recognition) certified throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan


And the best part? When it comes to our industrial refrigeration team in particular:

  • We design our systems to detect ammonia and air quality in machine rooms, and
  • Our standard operating procedures and piping practices exceed typical industry minimum requirements.


Looking for a Design-Built Industrial Refrigeration System?

At Gateway we do custom design-builds, and design-assists. We design industrial cooling for new facilities, and for refrigerant retrofits. Because industrial refrigeration needs large-scale solutions to suit, quality and longevity are especially important in the systems we design for our customers.


Gateway Designs Systems That:

  • Maximize your equipment’s lifecycle, and
  • Give you the best possible return on your equipment investment.

We calculate load precisely to determine how much cooling your facility actually needs. This allows us to either select or custom-design the equipment that’s best for your needs—not someone else’s.

Our refrigeration controls are specifically designed for your facility—allowing you on-site and remote data access. Each system we design and build includes these custom-monitoring systems to rapidly identify any potential equipment issues. If an alarm is triggered, our team will be dispatched with tools and parts, ready with a solution.



Design Considerations Include:

  • Selecting the right refrigerant for your case—including naturals (ammonia/NH3 and CO2) and synthetics
  • Additional considerations needed in explosive environments, such as gas plants
  • Selecting the right equipment efficiency—for example, between standard motors and variable-frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Seasonal operation considerations
  • All other standard elements, as well as those unique to your individual needs


Need Equipment Specialized to Handle Your Climate?

That’s what we do. North of the 48th parallel, we do what our competitors can’t. Our team lives where we service—so we understand what that means for equipment.


Whether it’s -55°C (-67°F) in Fort McMurray, 41°C (105.8°F) in Kelowna—or just the typical 80°C annual weather swings of the Canadian prairies, we live here.

That’s how we’re able to design-build, design-assist, and service equipment to fit your needs and climate. Seasonal maintenance is one of our core offerings, because we know this helps ensure your equipment’s longevity and your overall business success. We help you ensure your equipment is optimized for season-specific use, and winterized properly for year-round use.


Need Startup or Shutdown Support?

Here at Gateway, we pride ourselves on providing customers with seamless startups and shutdowns.

We always strive for safety and minimal downtime because we understand how improperly-managed shutdowns and startups can impact businesses—especially when working at the scale required for industrial refrigeration.

Following your startup, we arrange a maintenance schedule that works best for your specific needs. This ensures your equipment runs smoothly through all production quarters.


Sectors and Industries Served

Our industrial refrigeration expertise includes:

*Pssst: Don’t see your facility type here? Note that Gateway also serves clients in many other sectors. Get in touch today to learn about our expertise in yours.

It’s Built, Now How Do You Maintain It?

Downtime isn’t an option for successful, efficient businesses. You’ve invested in your equipment, so our preventative maintenance programs ensure your equipment lasts to ideally exceed its projected lifespan. Regardless of who installed your equipment, our team of licensed HVAC/R technicians can service, repair and maintain all makes and models.



When you work with us, you’ll also be able to track work orders, on demand.

Our industrial refrigeration technicians help ensure your equipment remains at peak performance.

Routine industrial refrigeration checks inspect bearings, compressors, equipment alignment, and vessel integrity, analyze for detrimental wear and compressor vibration. All that’s in addition to scheduling fluid changes and overhauls as needed. We’ve got you covered.


What If Something Goes Wrong?

Emergencies happen. That’s why we have 24/7/365 on-call support. We know an emergency means you need us there now, not the next day. We respond quickly—and our processes will ensure you receive the continuity, rapid diagnostics, and resolution you need.

Call 1.800.414.4929 for emergency service.