Health & Safety

We believe everyone has the right to go home when the job is done and one accident is one too many.

Health and safety is an integral part of our corporate culture, from our CEO to our frontline workers everyone is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers, and the public.

By providing resources and training, encouraging teamwork, reinforcing positive behaviours, incorporating applicable legislation, and adopting industry best practices, Gateway continuously monitors, audits, and improves our health and safety program.

Health and Safety Gateway Mechanical

Gateway is committed to:

  • Work with our employees to consult, cooperate, and achieve excellence in safety performance.
  • Provide proper training, equipment, systems, and tools to ensure the health and safety of our employees and subcontractors.
  • Continuously assess, audit, and improve our health and safety program to reduce the risk of injury in a changing work environment.
  • Protect the environment from any adverse effects of our operations and recycle, as well as promote the use of recycled products, where possible.

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Safety Compliance & Registries

Gateway is a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association, BC Construction Safety Alliance, Construction Safety Association of Manitoba, Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association and maintains COR Certification with each organization.


Saskatchwan Construction Safety Association Saskatchwan Construction Safety Association British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance Alberta Construction Safety Association


Gateway maintains accounts with ISNetworld, ComplyWorks, ContractorCheck, Avetta which allow our clients transparency into our Health and Safety Management System. We actively use and monitor these systems to ensure continuous improvement with our health and safety program.


Safety ISNet Safety ComplyWorks Safety Subcontractor Check Accredited Member Safety Avetta

Our Technical Safe BC License # is LBP0001379

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