Switch your HVAC and/or Refrigeration maintenance contract to Gateway Mechanical and save 10% or more!*

Waiting for problems to happen means paying extra for costly, unplanned repairs. Get an HVAC and/or Refrigeration maintenance program in place to protect your equipment, avoid downtime, and save money.

Here’s what sets us apart when it comes to HVAC + Refrigeration maintenance. At Gateway, we:
  1. Respond to service calls on the same day
  2. ALWAYS have local technicians available and on-call in your area
  3. Aim to reduce the number of service calls by identifying and correcting issues before they happen
  4. Offer flexible hours to reduce service call impacts on your customers and daily operations
  5. Dispatch directly to equipment, which saves time, money, and contact exposure for your onsite personnel
  6. Document service calls with Video Recording Technology (VRT) so you can remotely track repairs
  7. Have over 50 years of expertise, yet still innovate and lead our industry
  8. Provide individualized support to 5,000 customers in Western Canada who trust us with their business
  9. Offer capital expenditures planning to help you prioritize renovations, equipment, and service needs to fit your annual budgets


With reasons like these, there’s no better time to switch HVAC and/or Refrigeration maintenance providers.

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Still not convinced? Here’s why you need to switch and save today!
  1. Unscheduled repairs typically cost 25% more than scheduled maintenance
  2. Preventative maintenance programs can provide ROIs up to 545%
  3. You can extend your equipment’s service life by as much as 35%
  4. Properly maintained equipment can save you as much as 40% on your energy bill
  5. Reliable equipment can reduce downtime, lost production costs, and lost product
Plus, better thermal comfort and indoor air quality can help you attract and retain customers, employees, and tenants to save you even more money!
  1. Every customer you retain could cost you 5 times as much to replace
  2. Every employee you retain could save you up to 200% per annual salary
  3. Reducing tenant turnover by even 5% could increase your property management income by up to $15,000 per year

We make it easy to switch providers. No hassle. No headaches. Don’t delay, let us handle your HVAC and/or Refrigeration maintenance today.

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*Offer applies to new customers only. Excludes existing Gateway contracts. To find out how much you’ll save, your existing maintenance contract will need to be reviewed.

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