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Indoor Air Quality Testing

90-indoors Between work, home, and the places we visit, the average Canadian spends 90% of their time indoors.

This reality, paired with the COVID-19 pandemic, shows us that healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) has never been more important.

Understanding how your commercial facility, building or space performs is a critical first step in diagnosing and resolving any potential issues or problems.

Gateway Mechanical now offers an indoor air quality test that will put to rest any questions you have about the health of your space’s indoor air quality.


Why should I test the air in my space?

Society’s views are changing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re all extremely aware of the factors that either improve or harm our health.

Understanding how the air in your facility adds to that equation is quickly becoming a requirement for those who occupy your space(s).

In addition to the reasons for air quality testing listed below, consider that healthy buildings improve performance, productivity, and reduce sick leave.

  • Provide a baseline and/or validate your space’s current indoor air quality.
  • Verify if your space meets safe indoor air quality standards.
  • Identify any concerns or issues that have come to light due to a complaint.
  • Prioritize the health and safety of those who occupy your space.
  • Obtain or renew AIR QUALITY AWARDS, LEED, WELL, or BOMA BEST certification.


What’s included in the air quality test?

Our team will assess, test, and investigate the indoor air quality within your facility, building, or space for the following:

checkmark    Relative humidity
checkmark    Particulate counts for PM2.5 and PM10
checkmark    Carbon dioxide (CO2)
checkmark    Carbon monoxide (CO)
checkmark    Total volatile organic compounds (TVOC)

* Biological pathogens 0.1 microns or less like coronavirus cannot be detected using this method. Only surface testing exists to detect these types of pathogens.  Although air quality testing is not possible for these pathogens UVC and/or Plasma options can be installed to neutralize and remove them from your air.

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