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Lana Gill

Project Coordinator

What is your favourite part of working at Gateway?

 What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

 When we asked these two questions of Project Coordinator Lana Gill, she came back with one answer.

“We take on an almost limitless variety of projects, which means that almost every day the nature of my job changes,” Lana says. “I am constantly learning new things and having to adapt to new situations. It’s extremely challenging, but that challenge is the thing that makes my job so rewarding.”

Lana joined Gateway in 2013, shortly after graduating from MacEwan University with a Bachelor of Commerce and a major in Management. Though she was only passingly familiar with the Gateway brand, and had zero construction experience, she saw the entry-level Project Assistant position as an opportunity to learn more about project management. The bulk of her initial responsibilities were administrative, but in just five years she has worked her way up the org chart and now occupies an important role in the projects department.

“Gateway truly believes in continuous improvement and professional development for its employees,” Lana says. “Throughout my career here I’ve felt supported in my efforts to learn and grow.”

The company recently helped Lana achieve her Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification by giving her the opportunity to complete a four-day prep course with an instructor. Thanks to the course, and her own independent study, Lana wrote and passed the exam, and was awarded her certification in November 2018.

As Project Coordinator, Lana helps Gateway’s teams build and improve upon their internal processes. She’s recently helped with post-implementation on a major ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system update that has streamlined the projects department’s organization. The templates she’s built to standardize how managers perform monthly reporting are now in use throughout the department. She’s even had the opportunity to do some direct project management as part of the company’s ice rink refrigeration project.

The nature of her job means that she gets to interact with a diverse array of departments and specialists. As someone whose role is to assess how people work together, and to design new processes that will enable them to collectively perform at their peak, she can look at Gateway’s corporate culture with an appraising eye.

“Everyone cooperates, and there’s a lot of willingness to share responsibilities and insights across departmental lines,” she says. “The company does a lot to help us bond, like our summer barbecues and potlucks. They understand that it’s really the people who make this place what it is.”

Lana remains passionate about taking on new challenges and becoming better at her job, and she’s confident her position at Gateway will continue allowing her opportunities to grow.

“This is really a fun place to work.”

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