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Will Young

General Plumbing Foreman

Will Young was an apprentice plumber when he first joined Gateway Mechanical Services over a decade ago. He finished his schooling and became a journeyman plumber at Gateway, but he continues to learn every day. That’s part of the reason Will loves Gateway.

“A good thing about Gateway is that I touch on so many different things.” Will says. “We have a lot of different customers – I’m not just unplugging toilets. My first two years on the service side, I felt like I was learning something new every day. We have such a broad scope of clients with so many different needs.”

Gateway Mechanical offers a wide range of services, including HVAC, refrigeration, electrical and plumbing. The company handles new construction and retrofits, along with service and maintenance. They also work in a variety of sectors, from agricultural and commercial to industrial and institutional. They even do artificial ice surfaces for recreation facilities.

Gateway’s team of certified plumbers specializes in commercial and industrial plumbing systems and together they have over 100 years of combined experience.

Will started on the construction side at Gateway and was soon running projects. As a foreman he would have up to 18 people working for him. After several years in construction, he decided to “change it up” and moved to the service side of the plumbing team. He now manages smaller jobs than on the construction side, but has more of them.

As the General Foreman, he has 10 plumbers reporting to him. His days feature a lot of variety, which he enjoys.

“I like working at Gateway because I feel like I’m an important cog,” Will says. “I supervise, I train, I coach. I’m pretty much involved with every aspect with Gateway. I do estimating, job planning, I procure stuff. I just finished project managing a job.

I pretty much work with everyone at Gateway. I have a unique role that way. There’s always something new for myself.”

Will was awarded apprentice of the year in his early years at Gateway, and recently received the customer appreciation award.

“I feel like we essentially pride ourselves on doing things safely,” Will adds. “I feel like the guys who work for us care about what they’re doing. And we do expect a lot from our guys, both knowledge wise and with communications.”

And if he could sum up what it means to work at Gateway?

“Our slogan catches it pretty good: With Gateway it’s personal.”