Why you need a service plan for your fruit packaging facility

By | Sep 2019

In this social minute with Gateway, we’re sharing the five reasons you need a proactive service plan for your fruit packaging facility.

Video transcription bellow:

1 – Planning startups and shutdowns

This allows us to identify potential areas of concern, make recommendations, and provide the necessary repairs. It also allows us to plan the manpower accordingly to ensure your system is operational prior to the fruit packaging season.

2 – Tasking

Each piece of equipment is entered into our system. Tasks are assigned to each piece of equipment. These tasks have been specifically designed by Gateway’s own Bob LaRue. From this tasking, we can gather data that allows us to make suggestions for improvement or to enhance the operation of your equipment.

3 – Cost Control

Gateway Mechanical will provide you with an annual sum for the services of your spring startup and your shutdown, therefore, you will know what it will cost you over the next twelve months for these services.

4 – Commitment discount

Knowing what your annual cost will be if you choose to pay annually in advance you will receive an additional 10% discount.

5 – The Gateway Assurance program visit

Once a year this will be scheduled with you and your Gateway representative to discuss observations we’ve made from the tasking. Also to discuss your future plans for upgrades or expansions it’s really an opportunity to share ideas to help you achieve your goals.

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