Users reduce energy costs by an average of 57-64%

The Turntide Smart Motor System maximizes immediate and long-term building and HVAC energy savings. Verified by third parties to be more efficient than VFD retrofits, the Turntide Smart Motor System is a true differentiator.

With remote energy monitoring, you’ll have a robust measurement and verification solution to manage sites and ensure energy savings. The connectivity of Turntide’s smart motors also enables ongoing visibility of the motor’s operation to enable remote fine-tuning.

What’s my ROI?

The ROI from Turntide Smart-Motor-System depends on operating conditions present at a customer site. Our team can help calculate the expected timeline for your ROI but typically Turntide works best for:

  1. Full-system HVAC applications
  2. Site conditions like:
    • High site operating hours and motor runtimes
    • High utility rates
    • High HP motors
    • RTUs Operating in ON mode
  3. Industries like: Restaurants & Quick Serve, Grocery Stores, Wholesale Stores, Industrial Manufacturing and Distribution, Retail and Convenience Stores.

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