Merv Kozey

Refrigeration Construction Supervisor

Before joining the Gateway team, Merv was a bricklayer. Ongoing back issues led Merv to make a change. At the time, he was happy to accept that “work was work,” but as the years went by—almost 30 of them now!—Merv has come to view his time with Gateway as more of a career, rather than just a job.

When he started with Gateway, Merv had no refrigeration experience at all, but he sensed that the company knew the value of hard work. So he stuck to his personal motto: “Always do your best and you’ll learn and things will work out for you.”

After almost three decades with the organization, it seems like things worked out very well indeed. What Merv appreciates about Gateway is the opportunity to see the job right through from start to finish. It’s something that gives him a lot of satisfaction.

Another thing that has kept Merv loyal is the company’s loyalty to him. As he explains, “Gateway has looked after me many times—they always appreciate the work I’ve done for them, so they look out for me when I need it.”

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