Margaret McPherson

Credit and Collections Manager

When Margaret started with Gateway Mechanical back in May of 2012 as a Senior Accounts Receivable Administrator, she appreciated being given the opportunity to meet many different people—not only was it a great onboarding process to help welcome her to the Gateway family, but it helped her to develop a ‘big picture’ view of the company so she could effectively solve problems and get the job done.

In addition to adjudicating credit for new and existing clients, her role has evolved to include the development of policy for credit and for the collection of funds at Gateway. Margaret credits Gateway’s ‘Yes We Can’ attitude and approach of building on a team member’s existing knowledge rather than forcing them to relearn a skill, as two of the major ways they empower their team to do good work.

She says, “We need talented people to write the processes, make sure they can be replicated time after time—then let the team go do it.” Margaret is looking forward to her future with Gateway. She knows the company is committed to investing in innovation in order to continue as an industry leader.

On the topic of change, Margaret says, “Change is happening—and it’s happening in areas I don’t always see. One day, you think, ‘Oh, wow, I remember when we couldn’t do that’—and then you’re doing it!”

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