Craig, Southern AB Service Manager

I was always intimidated by Gateway; they seemed to have the smartest technicians and they were the largest company in the industry. Every time I went to a training course, wholesaler lunch, or attended school there was always a huge Gateway presence. Gateway was unique because they represented every area of the Refrigeration trade, and they were really good at each of them. Every other company only worked in one area of the trade (HVAC, Refrigeration, or Industrial).

I have always been very involved in the industry; for example, I was a member of the executive board of the RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society) in Calgary, volunteered as a judge for the Alberta Skills Competition and in the refrigeration try-a-trade booth at the 2009 World Skills competition.

While serving on the Provincial Apprenticeship Committee, I met the VP of Operations for Gateway Mechanical. He felt that my knowledge and skill fit what Gateway and invited me to join his team.

When I first started, I was nervous taking on a new role but my fellow mechanics welcomed me. They were happy to teach me what I needed to learn and they were very receptive to learning what I knew about HVAC. Within 6 months, I was promoted to Foreman and given a team of mechanics to lead.

After a year, I applied for the Service Manager Position for the Vancouver Office. I was the successful candidate and relocated my family to BC. The satisfaction of being the leader of the B.C. team was amazing.

I later relocated back to Calgary and took over as the Service manager for the Calgary Hub.
This career is perfect for me. It is quite challenging and difficult at times, but it is rewarding because it fulfills two of my passions in life, knowledge and my desire to help others.

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